Seabrook Crisps - Frequently Asked Questions

The Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak is a growing concern that we are taking very seriously and in order to do all we can to protect the team at Seabrook Crisps, we have moved as many of the Seabrook team to remote working as possible. This does not affect the supply to the standard retail outlets where you will still be able to buy your Seabrook Crisps.

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Some of our most frequently asked questions, and our answers...

Why don’t you make my favourite flavour anymore?

It’s always a difficult decision, but when we stop producing a flavour it's due to falling sales.

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How do I raise a concern regarding the quality of my Seabrook Crisps?

Please send the bag along with the contents and a covering letter to the following FREEPOST address: Seabrook Crisps Ltd, FREEPOST NEA 238, Bradford BD8 7BR

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If you’re based in Bradford, why does shipping cost £7?

We are based in Bradford and the shipping cost of £7 covers up to 6 cases on one order.

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Why can’t I spend my Seabrook coupon code at my local supermarket?

The coupons we occasionally send out with our email newsletters are only redeemable against purchases made via our website.

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How can your Beefy crisps be promoted as Gluten Free when they list yeast extract as an ingredient?

Due to the very small amount of yeast extract used within our recipe, our Beefy crisps are considered Gluten Free and approved by the UK Coeliac Society.

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Do you offer factory tours to the general public?

Unfortunately we do not provide factory tours, however we occasionally include a VIP tour as part of a competition prize.

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Do you have a factory shop?

We do not have a factory shop, but you can purchase Seabrook crisps via our website.

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Could you send me a free box of Seabrook crisps?

No, but thanks for your interest in Seabrook crisps!

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