• Seabrooks Beefy
  • Seabrooks Cream Cheese and Chives
  • Fire Eaters Trinidad Scorpion Chilli
  • Seabrooks Lamb & Mint
  • Seabrooks Sea Salt and Vinger
  • Seabrooks Pickled Onion
  • Seabrooks Cheese & Onion Straight
  • Seabrooks Prawn Cocktail
  • Seabrooks Sea Salted
  • Fire Eaters Smoke House Cayenne
  • Seabrooks Canadian Ham
  • Seabrooks Sea Salted Straight
  • Seabrooks Cheese and Onion
  • Fire Eaters Chillin & Lemon

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Searin’ Chilli & Lemon

oh boy! beefy

mmmm! cream cheese & chive

sweet! sea salt & vinegar

perfect! prawn cocktail

super! sea salted

classic! cheese & onion

hey there! canadian ham

Baa! Lamb & Mint

Hot Damn! Fiery Woodsmoked BBQ

legendary! cheese & onion lattice

so fancy! sea salt & black pepper lattice

so classy! natural sea salted lattice

Straight laced! sea salted

Great straight! beefy

'Dam straight! cheese & onion

They're back! Pickled Onion

A flavour for life.

We could use this space to tell you that we were the first crisp company to make crinkle cut and to use sunflower oil.
Or we could print the name of the Yorkshireman who fried the crisps in every bag. But we figure that you don’t particularly care. Flavour is what we’re all about and it’s our bold taste that's won us droves of devotees over the years.

Stop reading, start eating and join us!

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