Trolls Crispy Chickpea Sticks from Seabrook Crisps

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Movie Released 6th April 2020

Barb BQ Beef Rock Strings - Crispy Chickpea Sticks Barb
Poppy's Ketchup Pop Strings - Crispy Chickpea Sticks Poppy

Movie Released 6th April 2020

The trolls are
going on tour!

Take the kids along for the ride with our
new range of crispy chickpea sticks

Under 100 cals

Lower in Fat/Salt /sugar

Easier Healthier snacking

won't spoil mealtimes

Which flavour will you try first?

poppy's ketchup
pop strings

Live the Pop life with Queen Poppy and
her delicious ketchup flavoured treats!


barb’s bbq beef
rock strings

Rock out with Barb’s rebellious BBQ Beef
sticks - the perfect tasty after school snack!

Trolls World Tour Ticket Trolls World Tour Ticket

The trolls are
in a muddle!

Can you help them out?

Simply reorder the tiles by clicking

Kids Activity Pack

The Trolls Roadie Pack!

Keep the tour going - download the Trolls Roadie Pack with activities to keep the kids entertained!


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