Seabrook will not be held responsible
for... spontaneous combustion

Proceed with caution

Searin’ hot!

Chilli & Lemon

Hot enough to challenge but with a twist
of citrus to add real flavour and zing to
the spice, this ridge cut crisp is an
exciting blend of hot and sour!

Give me more Heat
Fire Eaters Searin' Hot

Smokin’ hot!

Smokehouse Cayenne

Hot enough to challenge but with a subtle
wood-smoked BBQ flavour to add real flavour
and depth to the spice.

Too hot for me!
I can beat the heat!
Fire Eaters Smokin' Hot

Scorchin’ hot!

Trinidad Scorpion Chilli

There’s hot and then there’s hot!
Then there’s Trinidad Scorpion Chilli hot!

I need to cool down!
Fire Eaters Scorchin hot

New Fire Eaters

We live in confusing times when hot things are cool and cool things are hot.
Well at Seabrook we have a more straightforward view of things. Hot Crisps simply aren't as hot as they should be… And that’s where Seabrook Fire Eaters come in. At last, a crisp that truly packs a punch and satisfies the growing army of heat lovers.

Drop it like a hot potato!

Dare You Eat the Heat? - Not a range for the faint hearted but one that allows enthusiasts and experimenters everywhere to truly savour the flavour of the fire.

Watch the Challenge

The spiciest memory game!

Follow the sequence by clicking on the coloured chillis.
What’s the highest number you can get to?

Our ferocious Fire Eaters crisps...

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